If you ever looked for people that would draw you a blueprint of a house or another building, you were probably shocked by the fee those people ask. To be able to apply for a job to draw architecture blueprints, one must go through various degrees of specialized education. This requires a lot of hard work and commitment, and thus their work is appreciated and highly valued.
We can’t teach you how to become expert architecture blueprint artist and be able to start a job with it. We can only give you some info that will help you draw a basic plan that will represent the look of a building you want. It won’t have details it needs, but it will be a perfect starting point for a real person. So, when you complete the blueprint, talk to someone who is licensed to draw diagrams and give it to them so they can expand on its basis.


Basic steps in a house plan drawing

The first step is to choose whether you will work with hand or use software. You can combine both of those to translate your idea to the “paper.” Design software is perfect for scaling while working with the hand will help you with furniture and other smaller things.
Drawing walls are the first step in blueprint design. Start with exterior walls and draw them from one point of the house and work in a clockwise direction (it’s easier to focus in one direction only). After this, you can move on interior walls. Now first interior walls should follow the exterior design. Add additional interior walls that will outline the rooms.This step also includes the design of staircases, whether they are outside or inside, doesn’t matter.

Next step is drawing of doors and windows. When you add entries, be sure to insert the direction in which they will open to avoid confusion at later stages. The parameters of those doors should be outlined as well. Windows should be added on top of the wall design. You should clearly label the size of those windows as well as the number of panes per window.
Once you have done all of that, you should mark the rooms according to their purpose. These are the necessary steps in architecture blueprint design. If you are amateur, you should stop after you complete these steps. Those that have some experience with plan design can continue on more complicated steps.house

Complex part of architecture plans

This section of the text includes some advanced forms of blueprint drawing. This covers drawing of fixtures, plumbing plan, and appliances as well as the electrical grid. We won’t talk more about it as it is hard to an amateur to add these parts to the design and keep it realistic. Adding dimensions to all walls is another step that you should leave to professionals.
The only step you should work on is furniture. This should be done by the hand, as you can re-draw it if you make a mistake. The good thing about this step is that it is more or less irrelevant and you can move the furniture wherever you want it.